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Level 4: Save It For A Rainy Day


1. Lessons

Click each one of the six links, below.

Read the lessons and try the examples.


Take One: Rain Washes Out Hamburg

Intermediate Guide to Microsoft Word pg 7


Take Two: Hello Microsoft Excel

Beginning Guide to Microsoft Excel pg 7


Take Control: Save and Save Often

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 83


Tech Talk: Safe and Sound

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 89


The Administrator: Back Up The Truck

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 95


The SandBox: The Rainy Day Fund

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 105

2. Samples

Text: Locally Heavy Rains

Graphics: Rainbow, Rainbow-Crayon, Northeast Satellite


Level 4 Flier 2007 Complete

Level 4 Flier 2003 Complete

Level 4 spreadsheet 2007 Complete

Level 4 spreadsheet 2003 Complete


3. Assessment

Complete the Online Quiz for Level 4.

Skills Test:  Download the instructions.

Submit the Skills Test to your instructor

Try it: Download these files.

1. Right-Click on the link.

do not click Open
3. Go to the Documents folder
4. Click on SAVE


Find and Open the files.

Go to Start ->Documents

Double click on the file you want to open.