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Level 11: Get Smart


1. Lessons

Click each one of the six links, below.

Read the lessons and try the examples.


Take One: Doing It With Style

Advanced Guide to Microsoft Word pg 21


Take Two: Work Smarter Not Harder

Advanced Guide to Microsoft Excel pg 21


Take Control: Wake Up! Smell the Coffee

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 285


Tech Talk: Ouch! That Smarts

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 291


The Administrator: Power to the People

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 297


The SandBox: Feel the Power

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 303


2007 Sample Movie Titles

2007 Sample Sales

2007 Sample Deployment Text

2007 Sales Complete


3. Assessment

Complete the Online Quiz for Level 11.


There is no Skill Test to submit for Level 11. You can continue to the next Level if you wish.


Try it: Download these files.

1. Right-Click on the link.

do not click Open
3. Go to the Documents folder
4. Click on SAVE


Find and Open the files.

Go to Start ->Documents

Double click on the file you want to open.