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Level 12: The Good, The Bad, and the Really Ugly


1. Lessons

Click each one of the six links, below.

Read the lessons and try the examples.


Take One: Who Done It?

Advanced Guide to Microsoft Word pg 43


Take Two: What Happened?

Advanced Guide to Microsoft Excel pg 41


Take Control: Clues for the Clueless

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 307


Tech Talk: Tools of the Trade

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 315


The Administrator: Elementary Dr. Watson

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 319


The SandBox: As Good As It Gets

Complete Guide to Windows Vista pg 325



2007 Bug Report Data Complete

2007 Bug Report Form Complete


2007 Sample Data


3. Assessment

Complete the Online Quiz for Level 12


Skills Test:  Download the instructions.

Submit the Skills Test to your instructor

Try it: Download these files.

1. Right-Click on the link.

do not click Open
3. Go to the Documents folder
4. Click on SAVE


Find and Open the files.

Go to Start ->Documents

Double click on the file you want to open.